Montessori Material assists the child to learn basic etiquettes for pre-school

Montessori materials are innovative creative tools that help in learning new things with Kindergarten education approach. These teaching methods play significant role in overall development of children. The most effective Preschool teaching approach is Montessori Method; it was founded and developed by Maria Montessori. The main aim of integrating Montessori approach in preschools curriculum is to assist the students along the path of exploration, development and self-learning. These are the most important elements of Montessori teaching method.


Doctor Itard and Seguin had designed adaptive teaching materials; these two doctors were specialized in children with special needs. Maria Montessori searched for different ways to stimulate children’s mental and social development. The educator discovereddifferent methods that encouraged overall development of child in various ways. Discount Montessori by Kidadvance urges curiosity in children to learn new things with respect to individuality and learning skills.

Discount Montessori by Kidadvance seeks children’s attention towards spontaneous and independent actions that are helpful in creating harmonious atmosphere for learning. Dr. Montessori explained some conditions for Kindergarten materials to achieve best results:

  1. Presentation should be done by professional teacher who has immense knowledge of Montessori education approach. In this approach, the teacher should work as a trainer who can understand the children’s abilities and allot activities accordingly.
  2. The Montessori materials should be clean, attractive and well maintained
  3. Only one material should be provided to child at once.

There are multiple categories of Montessori education curriculum; its basic objectives are as follows:

1.    Practical life

  • Care of people and living environment
  • Courtesy and grace


2.    Sensorial Equipment:

  • Classification of abilities and grading
  • The kindergarten materials have inbuilt systems that controls errors, hence, one has to work without being anxious about errors and mistakes.

3.    Language Equipment

  • Learning the link between language, symbols and sounds
  • Facilitate the language development at delicate age of child’s life
  • Understanding the word conveying concept.

4.    Mathematical Equipment

  • Understanding the concept of non-connection and interaction between numbers.
  • Understanding the various concept of maths and combined to form an entire unit.
  • Ability to create abstract forms from paper and models.


Kindergarten materials were introduced to develop various good habits in children with different activities like eating habits, hand wash before and after eating, caring and sharing, kind behaviour towards everyone etc. The child centred teaching involves living atmosphere; free from pressure and tensions, to conduct voluntary moves by children for understanding concepts. Children remember something that interests them and explores things on its basis. The Preschool teaching not only develops a child mentally, physically and socially but, it also develops fine motor skills, cognitive skills, basic etiquettes, thinking and imagination.

Each material used in the Montessori has a specific purpose. There is not space left for extraneous or superfluous. So enjoy the beauty of Montessori!